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The person doing the training was able to combine real world applications with theory to reach everyone. Well done!
Training Classes
Midwest Lightwave's core product includes a set of half day training sessions on various fiber optic topics. These sessions present those critical pieces of information and technical skills that are critical to successful implementation of Fiber Optic communications systems. The course content has been distilled from 30 years of practical experience in the Optical Communication industry.
Fiber Characterization
Midwest Lightwave can measure Chromatic Dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion in anticipation of your upgrade to 10G and above transmission at a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own equipment. ML can also train you on your purchased or leased Fiber Characterization equipment on your first several jobs to improve your productivity, and also help you generate meaningful reports for transmission to your Network Element provider.
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Office Consults
On site Consults
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Sometimes there is no substitute for a first hand assessment of your project, your people, methods and standards. MidwestLightwave can visit your site, perform measurements on your system, interface with your crews and contractors and provide guidance for improvement or remediation of ongoing projects.
You can provide your test results to Midwest Lightwave for analysis and report preparation. Or you can simply call to discuss your plans and concerns, and Midwest can help you streamline your implementation based on the experience of hundreds of installs.
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