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Fiber Characterization
...much of the legacy fiber that is currently installed was not optimized to carry the traffic rates, protocols, or power levels that are needed to support current bandwidth demands and those of the future. Proper testing of these fibers, and installation of the appropriate transmission and compensation elements can extend the useful life and capacity of this plant. Are you leasing "dark fiber" from another operator and want to confirm its quality? Are you leasing fiber to another operator and want to guarantee its performance?

Complete fiber characterization typically involves measurement of Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion, and Spectral Attenuation. Improvements in Fiber Characterization test equipment have made it possible for operating companies to perform the tests themselves, but proper planning and training on the first few jobs can significantly improve productivity.

Your particular situation may not warrant the purchase or even rental of such test equipment and it is more cost effective to contract Fiber Characterization service. Or maybe you've performed testing and need some help analyzing the results or preparing a test report.

Let Midwest Lightwave provide a customized suite of testing, training, supervison, and data reduction to maximize the return from your substantial investment in fiber plant.
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