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Fiber Fundamentals
... fiber manufacture or Snell's Law are certainly interesting. However, years of observing, developing and presenting similar training reveal that information like this doesn't contribute anything to the technician's accomplishment of his/her or job.

This does
not mean that the technicians should not be exposed to technical details, definitions, and equations (yes, the dreaded mathematics) that actually DO contribute to understanding, testing and troubleshooting fiber transmission. For example, how many technicians are confused about the difference between dB and dBm, they are not interchangeable. How many technicians are confused about decibels, alone? Why can you add dB for transmission losses but you can't add them for reflectance values?

Topics such as this ARE important to a technician's performance. It takes a special approach to teach students of varying backgrounds how to use and understand fiber measurements and technical values AS IT RELATES to their job, without dragging them through a full algebra course on logarithms. Midwest Lightwave specializes in training students through examples, analogies, and practical scenarios to promote
understanding and ability, not simply knowledge of terms and definitions. Technicians are not employed for what they know, but for what they can accomplish with that knowledge.

Let us train your personnel on fiber inspection and cleaning, fiber loss, connector performance, reflectance, ORL, transmission wavelengths, and OTDR testing to increase their productivity.
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