Midwest Lightwave Inc.
About Us
Midwest Lightwave is a private company based in Greenwood, Indiana, created by Julie and Steve Wolszczak, of Greenwood, Indiana.

Mission: The continued rapid growth of the fiber industry is creating a large expertise gap in the industry. The lack of training, knowledge and expertise, prevents new and existing operators and contractors from executing at the pace they need to meet their customer needs profitably. The mission of Midwest Lightwave is to eliminate or reduce that gap in a cost effective manner, allowing operators and contractors to maximize their productivity, profitability and ROI.

Julie Wolszczak: Julie is an Air Force Veteran and a graduate of the Dept of Defense Language School in Monterey, CA with a specialization in Vietnamese translation. She was deployed to various posts including Clark AFB in the Phillipines. Julie is an HR professional and manages all of Midwest Lightwave day to day operations.

Steve Wolszczak: Steve Wolszczak is an Army Veteran and West Point Graduate. He has served as a Brigade Communications Officer and was deployed to various posts including Fort Benning, GA and SETAF, Northern Italy. His first fiber project, installed in 1984, was a 4 fiber cable carrying 45 Mb/s voice traffic in rural North Dakota. Steve supervised several of the first fiber cable pulls into oil pipeline for Williams Pipeline (Wiltel). He has worked as a field engineer, product specialist, product manager, and solution specialist, for manufacturers of fusion splicers, OTDR's, OSA's, Power meters, Light Source, PMD and CD testers, Fiber amplifiers, Solid state lasers, and AM-VSB transmitters. He was confronting PMD issues and SBS issues in the lab and field, years before many of them became common industry terms. His career has given him the opportunity to interface with some of the most respected and talented scientists and engineers and learn from them.

He's performed testing and troubleshoooting on Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Antenna, DWDM, CWDM, Raman, HFC, and RFOG systems. He's helped to develop test and troubleshooting techniques for these systems, and has created job aids related to testing these systems. Steve is a co-author of the JDSU,
Guide to Fiber Optic Testing Volume 1. Steve is primary Trainer and Consultant for Midwest Lightwave.

Steve's passion and expertise reside in his abitlity to package his knowledge and experience and share it in a meaningful way to both technicians and managers, specifically to help them accomplish their tasks more effectively and efficiently.
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